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A Complete Investigation

Failure Investigation

When there is a failure of a piece of equipment or component, a failure investigation takes place. 

If you are driving down the road and a tire on your vehicle goes flat, you make a failure investigation.  The tire may have a nail in it, the valve stem may be damaged, and the tire may be demolished.  Upon completing the investigation you then know what to do.  You may decide to fix the tire or replace it. 

A complete investigation though may look to see where the problem originated.  The tire failure may have been a manufacturer's defect or your neighbor may be having his roof replaced and there are nails on the street.  As the complexity of the investigation is increased the level of expertise raises as well.

DJA Inspection Services, Inc. has thousands of hours of experience in the petrochemical industry.  DJA along with its engineering teaming partner can provide you with expertise in all manners of failures.  Be it rocket engines, wooden tables, or storage tanks, our team has determined failure mechanisms that can be utilized to analyze your particular failure as well.

Expert witnessing is also often needed at the end of a failure investigation and DJA and its engineering teaming partner will be there for you.

If you experience a failure or damaged piece of equipment, contact DJA Inspection Services, Inc.

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