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Helium Testing

Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Testing

Varian 021 Leak DetectorDJA Inspection Services, Inc. has been performing above ground storage tank inspections both nationally and internationally for more than 20 years. We have offices in Reno, Pennsylvania, Tampa, Florida, and Edison, California, with inspectors located across the United States.  We have certified API 653, API 570, API 510, and Steel Tank Institute Inspectors that can service your tank inspection requirements.

DJA Inspection Services, Inc. also offers Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Testing (MSLT).  MSLT can be used to help provide assurance that your tank bottom is liquid tight before returning to service. 

HMSLT is a trace gas leak detection system that uses helium. This gas has a very small molecular structure and can leak from the smallest leak path in any vessel or piping system.

Applications for HMSLT include:

  • Tank Bottom Examination
  • Floating Roof
  • Roof Drain System Connections
  • Product Pipelines

This service will be offered but not limited to, post repair inspections and new construction.

Contact DJA Inspection Services, Inc. for consultation.  DJA has been in business since March 1990.