DJA Inspection Services, inc.


Magnetic Flux Leakage Evaluation (MFL)

In an effort to provide our clients with the most accurate data possible about their tanks, DJA Inspection Services incoporates MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage Evaluation) tank floor scanners. Our scanners use the principle of magnetic flux leakage to detect topside and underside pitting of steel tank bottoms.

DJA also offers total storage tank management services in engineering, planning and supervision of tank projects. Because DJA does not offer repairs, we can be trusted as an unbiased service with no monetary reward for suggested repairs.

  • Our equipment is portable and can fit through a manway.
  • Pitting as shallow as 20% of bottom thickness can be detected easily.
  • The MFL scanner can cover nearly 100% of the bottom (interference with weld seams and internal equipment).
  • The MFL scan can be performed with coatings and our add-on equipment can determine whether an indication is topside or soilside.
  • An 80' diameter tank can be scanned in approximately 8 - 10 hours.

With this scan one can put a tank back in service with more confidence, knowing that a leak is not likely to develop before the next scheduled outage because of a pinhole in a pitted area. DJA does a full UT proof-up on all indications found by the MFL scanner.

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