DJA Inspection Services, inc.


From the President's Desk…

Andrew BoleyWelcome to DJA Inspection Services, Inc. Thank you for taking the time to review the services and capabilities of DJA. When looking for an inspection company, three things should be considered:

  • The inspection firm must be dependable
  • The inspection must be done judiciously
  • The inspection must be affordable

When you need professional, competent inspections, DJA Inspection Services, Inc. is ready to meet your needs... worldwide! DJA Inspection Services, Inc. concentrates on above-ground storage tank inspection. The need for above-ground tank inspection was why we founded the company - it is our area of expertise, and the reason for our continued success. Find out what our clients already know!

DJA strives to perform inspections with the utmost quality and with the insistence on complete and detailed reports. As president of DJA Inspection Services, Inc., I have established the necessary procedures and controls to guarantee quality in our services. You can rest assured that inspections are made by qualified individuals.

DJA also offers total storage tank management services in engineering, planning and supervision of tank projects. However, DJA does not offer repairs; therefore, we can be trusted as an unbiased service with no monetary reward for suggested repairs.

DJA Inspection Services, Inc. looks forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Andrew Boley
President, DJA Inspection Services, Inc.
API / PA - DEP Certified AST Inspectors